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Poeta. Mujer Feroz y Atrevida. Educator. Survivor. Two-spirit Central American super hero learning to save herself first. Education as the practice of freedom.


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    This Friday Dec. 14, 2012 10pm 3372 19th St near Mission San Francisco, CA


    A young 19 year old Latina superstar still needs our help. 

    Elvira is a compassionate, mature, loving, and highly responsible member of our community. Elvira was an active member of Lyric, DCYF (the Department of Children Youth and Families) and The Brown Boi Project as a peer mentor and youth programmer. 

    Elvira is still facing the charge of battery and could serve 1 year in prison. Elvira is pleading not guilty. Due to community support and her lawyer’s advocacy, Elvira was recently released and her charges were dropped to a misdemeanor. This was a big victory, but her and her family still need your help. For those of you who donated before, spread the word, and showed up in court, thank you!!

    ***Update: Since Oct 26, 2012—-over 200 people helped us raise $7,776! There were a total of 229 independent donations ranging from $5 to $200 that helped us reach our fundraising goal. The money we raised earlier this Fall, has since been given to the lawyer to cover her case management and defense during the preliminary trial dates. Once Elvira was released, a remaining $500 was given to Elvira’s family to help support their basic cost of living. The lawyer has given a reduced rate for Elvira and her family but over the next few weeks, we are aiming to raise an additional $2,700 by Dec. 31st, 2012 in order to cover the lawyer costs as we now move into 3 weeks of a trial with a jury.***

    Elvira’s case is an example of the destructive effects that gang injunctions, police surveillance, gender and racial profiling can have in our communities especially within working, queer, and migrant communities. We would not have been able to get through the last few months without all of this community strength and out-pour so THANK YOU again for your ongoing support!


    1.) Donate and spread the word! From $5-$1000 Every bit helps.

    2) Attend our Queer Qumbia Fundraiser, Friday Dec 14th! 

    Event Page—>

    3) Show up at the next court date. We are awaiting to get updates from the lawyer—We should have dates to give out by the end of this week! Stay updated on this page:


    *Time and other details to be announced soon. Your presence really does make a difference!!

    For more information or to contribute ideas, suggestions, and support please contact: elvirapoder at gmail dot com

    “Pero yo he estado fuerte y guerrera siempre, y hoy mas que nunca, por que tengo a todos ustedes peleando conmigo—- But I have always been strong and a fighter, and today more then ever, because I have all of you resisting alongside me.”

    - Quote from Elvira’s Mother, also named Elvira Zayas!

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